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The Borough of Columbia occupies the site of Shawanah Indian Town. The first white men arrived here in 1726 and by 1730 John Wright procured a patent, built a ferry house on the north side of Locust Street, near Front Street, and called it Wright's Ferry. In the spring of 1788 land surrounding the ferry house was surveyed and laid out into 160 building lots. They were chanced off by lottery. Samuel Wright, son of James Wright, named the town Columbia, thinking it would become the Capital of the United States, an honor it missed by the narrow margin of one vote.

The Borough of Marietta is a small river town beside the Susquehanna River and was incorporated in 1812 from the towns of Waterford and New Haven. Marietta was a major anthracite iron industry center in the United States during the nineteenth century due to the access of iron ore by way of canals and railroads.

Wrightsville is named for John Wright an early pioneer who originally settled on the east bank of the Susquehanna in 1728. Shortly thereafter, he took land for farming on the west bank under the Penn license and in 1730 established a ferry to move other licensed settlers to the west bank. The Borough of Wrightsville was incorporated in 1834 with the merger of two settlements, the original village of Wrightsville and the town of Westphalia to the south.




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