Walking Tour of Archaeological Sites

Rivertownes Members Experience History of Industrial Complex

March 24, 2002 --

Dr. Evans describes the layout of the Vesta Furnace.Dr. June Evans, who spent five summers completing an archaeological examination of the area along the Susquehanna River between Marietta and Columbia, conducted a walking tour for members of Rivertownes PA USA. She discussed numerous sites located in and around the Chickies Rock County Park, including the remains of the Henry Clay Tenement, the Vesta Furnace office building, the S.S. Haldeman mansion, the Chickies Lock complex, and the St. Charles Furnace complex. Dr. Evans, a retired Millersville University professor, is an active member of Rivertownes PA USA.

Dr. Evans describes the operation of an anthracite fired iron furnace.The goal of Rivertownes is to stabilize and restore the Vesta Office building; stabilize the north wall of the Henry Clay Tenement; construct a bridge over Chickies Creek to link the river trail; stabilize and cap the Henry Clay and St. Charles furnace ruins. Signage will also be placed to explain the story of the iron furnaces and their importance in the development of the river towns.



Rivertownes members observe the locations of industrial sites from Breezy View Park.Rivertownes also hopes to reopen the canals, restore the lime kilns and eventually connect the two counties with ferries reminiscent of the early part of the 20th century. Rivertownes meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Wrightsville House at 7:30 PM and would welcome anyone who has an interest in the preservation of local history to attend.