Tavern Tour
Trolley Visits Five Local Taverns and Inns

October 12, 2002 --

The Historic Trolley Inn & Tavern Tour left the Holy Trinity Catholic Church parking lot at 9:00 AM to visit in Wrightsville, Marietta and Columbia. With Claire Storm providing the narration, our travels took us across the Susquehanna River to York County for a visit to the historic Wrightsville House at Front & Locust Streets. Built in 1806, this double limestone house, once a tavern where many travelers who were heading west were put up, is now a private residence; and, the Accomac Inn, built on the first officially warranted parcel of land west of the Susquehanna River, dated March 28, 1732. It was once a ferry landing for Anderson's Ferry which traversed back and forth across the river between York and Lancaster Counties. Next we traveled to Shankıs Tavern in Marietta, an establishment with a rich and interesting history. It is the longest still operating tavern in Lancaster County. Bob Shank, owner, shared some history, folklore and photos of years gone by. Bully's Restaurant and Pub, named for Teddy Roosevelt, was the first stop in Columbia. The trip ended with a luncheon buffet at Prudhomme's Lost Cajun Kitchen, formerly the Rising Sun Hotel, in Columbia. Tavern jokes were shared and prizes were awarded along the way.