The Furnaces of Rivertownes

Donegal Furnace

Donegal Furnace SketchThe History

Donegal Furnace was erected in 1847 by three experienced iron investors: James Myers, Dr. George Eckert and Daniel Stine, who purchased the land from Stephen Eagle. Eckert sold part of his interest to James Myers for $17,000 in 1856. D.E. Benson later became Myers’ partner until Myers retired in 1872, when Dr. Joseph Cottrell, Myers’ son-in-law, became Benson’s partner. While under Benson and Cottrell, the furnace reached its maximum yield in 1879, when it produced 5,333 tons of pig iron over a period of 360 days. Donegal Furnace was the first of the furnaces along the river to become inactive. Never extensively remodeled or upgraded, it was permanently out of blast by 1887 and allowed to deteriorate thereafter.


Today's Remnants

Donegal Furnace Site

The site of the Donegal Furnace is now a heavily wooded area of county parkland opposite the soccer fields at the Furnace Road Day Use Area. This corner of the stack is the only visible reminder of the furnace.










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