The Furnaces of Rivertownes

Chickies Furnace #2

Chickies Furnace #2
Photo courtesy of Lancaster County Historical Society.

The History

Formerly known as the Eagle Furnace, Chickies Furnace No. 2 was built on the floodplain between Marietta and Columbia just north of Chickies Creek, in 1854 by Stephen Eagle. Eagle operated the furnace until 1869, when it was purchased by the E.B. Grubb heirs. The Grubbs became associated with E. Haldeman and Company, owners and operators of the Chickies Furnace. The latter company managed the furnace, renaming it Chickies No. 2, and remodeled it several times. In the late 1880’s the furnace was extensively rebuilt, and a two story engine house was added. The furnace operated successfully until it shut down in 1899.

Today's Remnants

Chickies Furnace #2 Engine House

The stone stack of the furnace was demolished in 2003 due to its dangerously poor condition. The engine house, with its unique face-like windows on the east side is still standing. The original buildings have been extensively modified for their current use as home of an excavating firm. The Chickies Furnace No. 2 buildings are significant as the only remaining standing furnace industrial buildings in the district.



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