The Furnaces of Rivertownes

Chickies Furnace #1

Chickies Furnace #1
Original artwork by Klaus Grutzka. Courtesy of Marietta Restoration Associates .

The History

Henry Haldeman built the first Chickies Furnace near the base of Chickies Rock in 1845, on the same site where he had previously operated a successful saw mill. Haldeman's sons Edwin and Samuel took over his business holdings later that same year and brought the furnace into blast in 1846. Under the Haldeman's efficient management, the furnace was rarely out of blast and as a result of successive remodellings to implement technological advancements, its capacity rose to 17,000 tons of pig iron per year in the late 1800's. The Haldeman's partnered with the heirs of E.B. Grubb who owned the nearby Eagle Furnace (later renamed Chickies No. 2) and formed Haldeman, Grubb and Company, which operated both furnaces until they were shut down in 1899.

Today's Remnants

Chickies Furnace #1 Present Day SiteFew hints of the existence of Chickies Furnace No. 1 remain at the site. The furnace site and the ruins of Samuel Haldeman's mansion are on private property adjacent to county park boundaries.





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